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Thisbe, 2008 LORC Champion and winner of the Lake Ontario Trophy.

With the completion of the last weekend’s races, the scores have been calculated and the LORC regatta series championship winners can be declared:
1st: Thisbe – 18
2nd: Severn – 27  
3rd: Norseman – 29
4th: Quest – 46
5th: Bangalore – 48
6th: Ranja – 49
Individual race details and trophies list to follow.  And the Club and Overall Season Championships will be decided at the Fall Series, September 20th.

NYC and QCYC Results

Severn, Quest and Bangalore were the top three boats overall this weekend. Saturday saw 7 yachts on the line – Severn, Quest, Bangalore, Sarissa, Thisbe, Ranja and Norseman. On Sunday Thisbe, Norseman and Sarissa did not race.

Full results here.

RCYC – Royal Weekend Results

What a great weekend for sunshine! It took the wind until 11AM to arrive, but it did arrive for the nine 8m’s on the line to battle out for glory. Ultimately it was Sarissa that found her way around the course with the greatest success – 1,1,1 followed extremely closely by the gleaming green Venture II who raced an impressive 2,2,2 with lots of boat speed, and excellent tactics. But it was Thisbe(3,5,4), Severn II(7,4,3) and Norseman(6,3,5) who battled out for the next 3 spots in an extremely close run – with Jackeen(4,8,8), Bangalore(8,6,6), Quest(5,9,7) and Ranja(9,7,9) each racing smartly on the North Shore of Lake Ontario.

Official Results: Click here.

NAEMA Poster - Hollandia

NAEMA Leaks Plans for 2009, 2010, 2011 – Cannes, Toronto, New York

EYC Weekend Results

Official LORC Results—> here

LORC Photos from ECY Weekend—> here

Sarissa - Weekend WinnerThe Classic Elite Racing Sloop Thisbe - Second Place Overall - First Old Boat

Severn II - Third Place Overall - Second Old Boat

YYC 2008 NA’s Photos and Results

Thanks for the photo’s!

Dick Roach Photo’s